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The  Citizens' Service Centers (KEP)  are state stores that were established with this name in 2002, initially in the Regions and the then Prefectures, in order to reduce bureaucracy and serve the citizens faster in terms of their transactions with the public. The role of KEP is to be the contact points of the Public Services with the citizens and to provide one-stop services.

In the KEP of the Municipality the citizen can:

  • to be informed and informed about the actions required for the handling of administrative cases.

  • to submit applications for the processing of his cases by the services of the Municipality of Nisyros  and the State for all cases with joint decisions of the Minister of Interior and the competent Minister, as the case may be, determine the procedures that will be carried out through the KEP.

The handling of the applications is undertaken by the KEP, which also receives the answer and is responsible for notifying the applicant of the receipt.

The most common procedures that the citizen can perform in KEP are:

  • Issuance of a copy of birth certificate and marital status

  • Issuance of a copy of a criminal record for general or judicial use

  • Issuance of a copy of birth certificate and marital status of the Municipality of Nisyros (on line)

  • Issuance of a copy of birth, marriage and death certificate

  • Issuance of a travel document for the disabled by public transport

  • Special seasonal allowance of article 22 of Law 1836/89-OAED

  • Family allowance - OAED

  • Issuance and receipt of driving license

  • Issuance of type A military status certificate (complete)

  • Renewal of driving license

  • Removal of retention of ownership of a passenger car or motorcycle

  • Issuance of Certificates by the Court of First Instance

Citizen Service Center  (Κ.Ε.Π)
  • Tel: 2242360520

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