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Throughout its long history, Nisyros has been a place with  intense spirituality and religiosity. Proof, the numerous places of worship, as evidenced by the remains of temples, the countless temples of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period, the humble churches that are scattered in its countryside.

One is surprised, in front of the variety and beauty of the religious feeling that was expressed on our island over the centuries with the numerous monasteries, churches, hermitages and objects of unparalleled religious art (such as Byzantine icons, hagiographies, woodcarvings, woodcarvings, etc. ), which compose a mosaic of rare beauty. This beauty is emphasized even more by the natural landscape of our island, full of alternations and surprises.

The acquaintance with the religious monuments and the sacred memories of Nisyros, but also the deep feeling that they transmit, is connected with the search for a different way of life, based on the authentic traditional values. That is why the monuments of this place are not just museum elements or inanimate transmitters of information. On the contrary, it is a strong presence in the cultural tradition of the island, a deposit of soul, hope and renewal, and therefore can still inspire and give a different meaning of life to the visitor of the island.

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